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Aug 7, 2013
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I think one of the important parts of this video is at minute 5:39 when Rand starts to discuss User and Usage signals Google might be Looking at in the future. Google recently was awarded a Patent that covered this.

Thanks to Rand Fishkin at Moz?

Is Brand a Google Ranking Factor? - Whiteboard Friday

A frequently asked question in the SEO world is whether or not branding plays a part in Google's ranking algorithm. There's a short answer with a big asterisk, and in today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains what you need to know.
Good one. Thanks Justin! Saw the headline and was hoping someone would share it here.
Look forward to watching later when I can.

But of course the 1st thing that comes to my mind is that yes if Brand includes City or Keywords it makes a BIG impact on Local Search. But I'm not sure if Rand talks about that. He's probably focused on big brand national search I assume.

Anyone watch yet? What do you guys think?
And if you are interested in brand search, check out this new post by Joy:

<a href="">Local Branded Search Change? Knowledge Graph MIA?</a>

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