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Jul 18, 2012
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We are proud to be recognized as a leading local search industry destination.

The Local Search Forum is the largest and most engaged community dedicated to Local Search.
Every day we feature thought leadership from some of the leading minds in local search, who share the latest local search news, trends, tips and support.


▶ We have over 3,700 members - many of which are very loyal, active and engaged

▶ Additionally, we have many more visitors that read the forum on a regular basis, that have not joined yet

▶ Weekday DAILY visits are in the 2800 to 3500 range

▶ Approximately 70% of visitors and members are local search consultants, (many are with larger agencies) and 30% are business owners, Attorneys, Doctors and Dentists

(Additional stats are available to qualified inquiries.)


Our full sponsor partnership is the most comprehensive and best value: Sponsorship includes:

▶ 728 x 90 sitewide banners in header and footer. (5 max in rotation.)
(Over 30,000 pages indexed in Google and over 58,000 total posts.)

▶ PLUS a dedicated company forum: (Example: Grade.Us Dedicated Forum)

Your forum can be used to share editorial content, tips and tricks as well as company news, new services, product features & updates as well as special offers.

We can also set up a real-time feed to pull in snippets and links to your existing blog posts for increased exposure to your existing content. So without you having to lift a finger you can showcase all your best content to a much bigger audience, many of whom would not have seen it otherwise.

▶ Optional native advertising, sponsored content, PR and social media exposure is also available.

NEW lower cost advertising options available now too.

Promoted Posts

We also now offer a new advertising option at the Local Search Forum.

In addition to our monthly sponsors, we are adding an option to do a promoted post on a product or service that you want to share with the local search community. Here is what you need to know about it:
  • The promoted post will be labelled as promoted and will go in the sub-forum that is related to the service or product.
  • The post will be a review about the features and how it works from one of the Sterling Sky employees.
  • The post will be shared on Sterling Sky & The Local Search Forum’s Twitter accounts, Facebook group, LinkedIn and both newsletters.
  • We are selective on who we allow to advertise on the forum because it has to be something that we would consider or currently use at our agency.
More information here.


We are very selective about the companies we feature and only work with leading companies in the field.

So if you offer exceptional tools or high quality services to local search consultants, agencies, or small business owners...

If you want more exposure, brand building, leads and sales...

The Local Search Forum is the most targeted, focused exposure you can get, all in one place.

For more information: Please email joy AT sterlingsky DOT ca with the subject line: "Local Search ADVERTISING" or simply send a message using the Contact Us form.
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New advertising option: A review of your product or service posted by a Sterling Sky employee. This will also be shared on the Sterling Sky & LSF Twitter accounts, our Facebook group, LinkedIn, and both newsletters. More...
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