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Jun 28, 2012
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I just discovered a post by Travis Van Slooten, one of my Local Search Pros and an active member here at the forum. Although it's fairly basic, I wanted to highlight it for a couple reasons.

First this is a great article for business owners because it uses a simple pie chart and pie analogy and does not go into a bunch of confusing ranking signals. KISS!

Second and more importantly, in this post I found a link to another good post Travis wrote about basic ON-SITE LOCAL SEO. There are very few articles out there about this and this is a good basic one with lots of screen shots.

4 Pieces of the Google+ Local Page Ranking Pie

In a previous post, I explained what is Google Places (a.k.a. Google+ Local). In this post I want to give you a broad overview of the four pieces of the ?Google+ Local Page Ranking Puzzle.? If you want to be one of the top seven search results on the first page of Google (slots A-G), you need to address each piece.

Be sure to also read the article about ON-SITE LOCAL SEO:
5 Basic Steps on How To Optimize Your Website

Travis has taken my On-Site LOCAL SEO Training but only shared some of the well known basics which I was glad to see, because again hardly anyone talks about good on page techniques for local. (My training includes high end Local SEO tips that are under NDA, so he didn't share any of the really good stuff!) :p

Great job, thanks Travis!
Thanks Linda! I appreciate the "props." And yes, these are definitely basic articles. I'm trying to keep my content simple and easy to digest for the everyday business person. I figure if they want the nuts and bolts, they can read what you, Phil, Mike, and many others are writing (or hire me);)

Travis Van Slooten
Yes, thanks very much Travis for the user friendly information. In the office, I already have (on the organic SEO) front, SEOMoz's "components of the Google ranking algorithm" pie chart and this reminded me of it.

Its always helpful for showing to clients (I find) as its just a lot easier with a nice colourful visual.

On that note, I'd recommend this excellent post by Phil Rozek as well:

12-Week Action Plan for Google Places Visibility |

I actually showed my yoga teacher this (I'm helping her with her local seo) and she loved it.

Thanks for the kind words on the post! That?s great your yoga instructor liked it.

Plus, the picture of Arnold provides motivation.


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