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Nov 16, 2015
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Hi guys,

Just spotted an ad which shows the Google review score + number of G reviews of the GMB-listing.

Haven't seen this before, is this a new feature / extension? The link leads to the knowledge graph (pop-up window of all Google reviews).


(It's in dutch by the way)

It is just part of their location extension in ad AdWords ad. When you create that kind of ad, you have the option to link your GMB account to the ad. The review part doesn't show all the time though.
Thanks for your response! Hadn't seen this ever, and haven't seen it since. Are G-reviews commonly displayed with ads when GMB is connected to AdWords?
You used to see it a lot more often - now you only see it occasionally (see Mike Blumenthal's 2015 blog post for more info. I've chatted a few times with the AdWords folks at Google about it and got the scoop.

They are now a form of "endorsements" (see and they are sort of like Wright whales, Florida panthers, and Barton Springs salamanders (sorry, had to work in an Austin reference somehow) and other endangered species that were never rare in the best of times. Local phone numbers, hours of operation, and direction links all have a higher relevance priority and so bump the endorsement extension out of the ad. In rare circumstances - an AdWords Express account with a suspended GMB account, and deleted hours-of-operation, etc. - they will still pop up.

Want a real unicorn? Try finding a PURE shared endorsement. They still exist - saw one for a donut shop in Johannesburg last month.
These existed, then disappeared, then came back as of a few weeks ago. Hopefully they stay.

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