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Mar 27, 2019
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Hi, I have 24 pages on my site, 14 service pages and 10 service area pages.
All 10 service area pages are unique, written from scratch, and all of them are not indexed by Google for a few months now (some of them are even over 1 year on the site).

Any ideas what may cause that?

do you have internal links going from the Homepage and other relevent, indexed pages on your site to these service pages? do you have external links going to these pages? If not, I suggest putting effort behind your linking strategy to try and get them indexed.
Thanks! They're all linked from the "service area" page we have (which is indexed by Google), but I don't think any of them have backlinks.

I've seen some "indexing services" out there, for example "onehourindexing [dot] co", is it something you recommend on?
Service page is good, but try linking to them from the homepage too (more authority). More internal links = better (usually).

I have never used that service so I cannot recommend one way or the other. That site in particular is not secure, so I would not input my credit card info.

My opinion is old fashion SEO is the way to go, even if it is slower. I have heard from others that tried those types of indexing services that they are hit or miss, so who is to say if they really work.

However, if you give it a try (either this site or another service) come back and let me know if it works!

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