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Jun 5, 2020
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My customer had two Google Business Profiles when she signed on with us. One had an address in Bellevue (old location) and the other had the address in Snoqualmie (new location). Both have reviews that we would like to keep. We changed the address of the one at the old location (Bellevue) to match the new location and then asked Google Support to transfer the reviews from one profile to another. They said "we won't be able to do it as they have different business information when the profile was created initially." So I asked if they could just merge the profiles instead, since now they were both at the same location. I didn't get a response. Then received notice that one of the profiles had been marked duplicate.
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Can anyone help us merge these profiles? We just want to be able to keep all of our reviews. Any help will be so appreciated! Please see details below. Thank you!

Google Support Case # 8-2630000036176

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Also when I click on Manage Profile from my dashboard, I get this weird message saying "Your request to manage an existing profile was accepted. You can remove this copy from your Business Profile settings"

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Are you sure they have not responded back to you? Google typically marks the listing you are getting rid of as closed or duplicate, which is a normal part of their consolidation method. Also, have any of the reviews transferred over to the active listing? From experience, the review transfer process can take several months.
Thanks for your response. No I never heard back about merging the profiles. They didn't respond to that and instead sent me a survey request. See below. Also no reviews have transferred yet.

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In that case, I would recommend starting another ticket as soon as possible. Sometimes it's just a matter of luck, as it really depends on which agent you get.

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