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Jan 25, 2021
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Is there a way to compare and contrast different GMB location's performance data all at once? I'm trying to compare GMB data for a client that has various locations.
Hey there,

What information are you looking to compare and contrast? NLPs? GMB position/rank through certain areas? Actions per business profile? We would need more information to answer your question accurately :)
Thank you for responding! We're looking specifically at the locations that are lowest-performing,
probably in terms of actions per business profile. Ideally, we could compare general metrics of clicks and impressions and rank... to get a holistic view of the location to understand how well it is performing.
You should consider grouping the listings by assigned regions. If you a lot of locations, more than a hundred, trying to compare listing to listing would be very granular. W/o knowing much about what you are trying to accomplish, I think a starting place for you is to download the GMB Insights and then segment your locations by region. Then you can compare and contrast if you're needing that type of information. Otherwise, I prefer just reporting on the listings as a whole, unless there is a client need to segment.

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