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Jun 10, 2016
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Hi, I have a client with 2 GMBs that share the same phone number. Could this be a problem?

I can't say with certainty how sever it is but I would fix it and check their nap consistency. As well as how many they have vs competition that is ranking.
If they're already sharing the same number and having a hard time ranking, that sounds like the #1 culprit.
If you are open to posting the business details, myself or one of the many experts here would be more than happy to take a look under the hood for you.
Like Colan mentioned, sharing the details would help us diagnose the situation a little better. The phone number could be one of many things going wrong here, so the more info you share, the more we can give back.

If you're concerned about sharing the details publicly, PM one of us.

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