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Jun 3, 2024
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Hello local folks! I have several services pages right now and they mentioning the big city. The business is a SAB without physical address, I have a location page with all the services areas i serve but soon I'm thinking to expand and create individual location pages with specific local content.

The question is,
do I still need to mention the big city in the main service page?

I'm thinking about two strategies:
A)Use main service page for focus in main city and don't have a location page for this city. Iink directly from services areas to the service page where I'm referring to the big city.
B) Do the service page more generic, naming province /country and make a location page for the big city

What do you think? What is usually your strategy for SAB businesses?

Thank you in advance!

Yes, I would likely still mention the big city in the main service page(s). All your service pages should have 1 location target (unless you are a national or large multi location business). If your homepage targets 1 big city, then likely you want your service pages to also target that city.

Though both your strategies are solid ideas, since you already have service pages that target the big city, I would see how they are ranking and if they are outranking your competition for your target keywords. If they are, leave them as they are. If you notice that competitors outrank you with dedicated location pages for the big city that just mention all the services, you can likely do the same thing and combine all the service pages into 1 location page and then create general service pages (if needed to rank more nationally).

Do some searches, check your ranking grids, and see what kinds of pages are ranking for your top keywords and go from there!

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