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Mar 9, 2022
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I am trying to assist a client with updating the holiday hours of operation for their 80+ locations on Yelp. Does Yelp offer any types of bulk update features for users that have multiple locations? This would save us a lot of time not having to manually update the holiday hours for each store.


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Apr 1, 2021
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I'm pretty sure that Yelp still doesn't offer a bulk updating feature which is frustrating for larger clients. However, a paid alternative would be a Yext subscription to perform the bulk update to Yelp along with numerous other directories of varying importance of visibility: Yelp and Yext expand partnership to benefit enterprise businesses

We utilized Yext in the past, but couldn't justify the fee even though it wasn't a wallet buster. However they have really enhanced their reporting features, more directory/citation partners, along with a handful of exclusive integrations (e.g. mapquest), so we are strongly considering to add it as a default component for our SEO clients.

Off the top of my head, I believe @keyserholiday and @Conor Treacy, both very active forum members, could offer additional insight on the value of a Yext subscription if you wanted to go that route.


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Jul 27, 2017
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In order to sync Yext and Yelp, you have to be running ads with Yelp. You have to get a purchase order set up and signed and submit it back to Yext. Each time you onboard a new client, you have to alert Yext. Yelp does not make it easy for multi-location businesses. Yext and other citation management services are hindered by Yelp's show me the money approach.
Feb 25, 2014
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could offer additional insight on the value of a Yext subscription if you wanted to go that route.
We were big supporters of Yext, especially if you're updating hours, pictures, coupons etc on a regular basis. But it's a per location service, and it's not inexpensive. Unless you need the other directories in the Yext network, manual updates (or other services) are a better route, in my opinion.

Yext does have bulk updates (update multiple entities via csv upload or dashboard), but as mentioned, for Yelp, you'll need a paid Yelp account with a minimum of 5 locations.

According to Yelp for Business support pages, if you have 10+ locations and are a paid Yelp user, you can reach out to their multilocation support team and they can assist in bulk edits. - 5 ways Yelp can help your multi-location business solve common marketing challenges

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