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Feb 5, 2013
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Hey y'all, here is the deal-

Unable to edit clients listing bc of the red message in the dash about it being a dupe. Called support and let him know that we were unable to get to the other listing bc it was created years ago by an employee whose email address was no longer active.

He eventually said he deleted the dupe and removed all the emails associated with it. Today this is what we have- (this WAS the G+business page, created under the business owners account almost as soon as the feature was released. They really did a great job of posting BUT it now 404's) (this is the listing that is now in the dash and that a PIN is in the mail to verify after the call with Support.) (this is the dupe that I thought was being deleted. You can tell by the description, or lack of, how long ago it may have been created.) (this listing has all the reviews and has the same link that I had recorded with the cid #)

I have been looking at this situation all morning and cannot figure out if I should call support again or if this is something I can handle. Has anyone else seen this many pages associated with one business?!
Hey Amber,

I think you're all set:

The 1st link is returning a 404. Whatever page was there seems to have been removed.

The 2nd and 3rd links are non-local, "business" Google+ pages. They're not affecting your Google Places visibility one way or another. You can keep them or delete them - but to do the latter you wouldn't call the "local" crew at Google.

The 4th link is for a page that looks fine.*

(* Looks like it's still in the old dashboard or something, though. So unless it's a duplicate of a page I'm not seeing, you'll want to log in an go through the upgrade process, or claim it if you haven't already.)
Hey Amber-

Did you try the "Edit Details" in the Contact Info box to report a duplicate? I've been successful (usually after initially being denied by the google checker bot) when I include a URL to the "master" Google+ plus and a company page with the location information.


I have not but I definitely like the idea of being able to provide URL's. Thanks so much for the tip!


Thanks for taking the time to check those links out and for the feedback!

This listing is currently in the My Business dash and when I went to look at settings (to hide the videos tab :)) I noticed that "This page is connected to Google Maps" is absent. Sooo, I am thinking that I can delete this page and claim the listing with reviews that used to be in the dashboard.

If anyone thinks I may be making a huge mistake speak now or stay tuned!

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