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Apr 17, 2019
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Needing some help with the Google Business Profile products section. Most of the businesses I work with are service businesses and we have added their services under the product section, but I just noticed that when you click on one of the services I now get a screen that says, "Sorry, this product or category was not found." I have checked this on multiple clients and I get the same thing. So all their services still show up on the graph when potential customers find their businesses, but they are not able to click on them and see the info on the service offered anymore. Is anyone else seeing this issue? If so, what are you doing? I had heard they might be doing away with this, but it's strange that it still shows up on the graph, but can't click it. This doesn't offer the potential customer a very good experience so trying to see what others are doing if they are seeing this same issue.

Thanks for your help/feedback.
Well, now when I do a search the products section doesn't even show up anymore, so I'm guessing Google has done away with it. So I decided to test it a little further. When I'm logged in as the manager for my clients sites is when the issue appears. But when I do a search for one of my clients on a browser I'm not logged into my Google account on, it works fine. So really have no clue what is happening. If I just do a search for the service in my area, the products section doesn't even show up when I click on one of my clients. So it all seems very hit and miss with this section now. So I just now I thought I would check one more thing to see if it would show up on Google Maps on my phone and it does and it works fine. So I have no clue what is happening with this, but for now I will say it is very glitchy.

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