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May 26, 2020
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When clients try to add our organizational ID they get the following message: Invitation failed (Role not allowed).
We have had clients adding us this way for months and have never had any issues until recently. Has anyone else encountered this? Can you please suggest some troubleshooting measures?

I have gone in circles with Google Support (as usual) with no avail. Since our company emails are associated with the organization ID, clients can not add individuals either so there is no way for us to manage their listing.
@ABran what was the issue with Google support? Did they not understand the issue?
@ABran what was the issue with Google support? Did they not understand the issue?
Hi Colan, Yes we have had many emails back and forth and they don't seem to understand the error. They say things like accept the invitation which is impossible etc.

Any idea what I can try?
Have you tried to have them add your Location Group ID number instead of the organization ID?

Keep in mind, if they are adding you to a Location Group (previously called “brand accounts”) that contains tons of listings you want to have them add your organization ID as a user to the Location Group. If they try to add your Location Group ID (as mentioned in the last step) it will give them an error since you cannot add a location group as a user to another location group.

If that doesn't work I would post a thread at the Google My Business forum.
@ABran Colan is on vacation this week. If you want to DM me the link to the thread, I can take a look.

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