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Feb 26, 2019
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Hey everyone, not really sure where to go for advice at this point. We have a listing in Pending Status for over two weeks. We submitted case number 3-2693000031050 on October 14th. For this listing: Update your browser to use Google My Business - Google My Business Help (dead link)

We were asked to provide business information, and then pictures of the business. We submitted both on October 14th.

We were asked for 72 hours, which we gave. Followed Up after 4 days, were told another team would reach out. Another team followed up and asked for another 72 hours.

After 6 more days, we followed up with chat support, who provided a specific email address of someone who was working on our case

We emailed them, and that person is now routing it to a Specialist on another team who is handling it.

Worth also noting a company branded email user is the Primary Owner on the account.

I submitted this Help Forum message on October 30th with no response: Google My Business Help (dead link)

At this point we're now concerned we're getting routed in circles and unsure how to best follow up, in fear of kicking this to the back of different queues. Don't really know what to do without chat support or any version of live support. Emails seem to keep getting lost in the abyss.

Anyone have any ideas on next moves?
@Lanerizz that link to the forum post says it's not valid. Looks like the post got removed. Can you repost it and give me the link to the new thread?
I honestly have no idea why it happens, but it definitely happens to people all the time.

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