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Jun 28, 2012
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BrightLocal just did some further analysis and shared more insights from their recent survey.

The survey goes into marketing spend by industry, projected spend this year, marketing effectiveness by channel for each industry and more.

<a href="">Which SMB Sectors Spend More Online & Get Best Returns - BrightLocal</a>

In January we published the results of the BrightLocal SMB Internet Marketing Survey 2014. With the results of the survey we can gain a better understanding of the attitudes & usage of internet & mobile marketing by small & medium sized businesses (SMBs).

In this follow-up analysis, we take a closer look at the data & compare responses from SMBs in different Industries...

It may be very much a coincidence that these traits are valued by these types of SMBs. However, if your customers hold you to certain values, these become very much part of your company culture ? so why wouldn?t you take these same traits to every area of your business?- not only in dealing with customers but also in dealing with third party businesses such as marketing agencies or consultants.

Ultimately, a business wants value for money if they are going to outsource, and if an agency can win their confidence by speaking directly to the values that they have come to hold dear, then on their values directly, then they have a better chance of winning their business.

Great info for industrious consultants to know!

What do you think?

Any surprises???

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Great article Linda, thanks for sharing it. BrightLocal has put some great content lately with these surveys.

I haven't reached out to our account managers yet to see if they see of the same kind of thing with their clients.

I was a little surprised at the first chart showing which industries allocate money for marketing each month. I didn't expect real estate to be the very top of it. Years ago, our company used to hit the real estate industry hard and we had a lot of Realtors as clients. As a company, we have moved away from the real estate industry but still a little surprising to see them at the top.

I wonder if part of the reason that the insurance and legal marketing budgets each month are high is because of the high cost of PPC in those industries.

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