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Jun 9, 2016
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I have a very large, single-location client. It contains many services, as they've expanded so much over the past 70 years.

It's the largest boat marina in the country, and 25 years ago they started their award-winning boat dealership. They offer boat maintenance, detailing, accessories, a restaurant, a 12-nozzle gas bar, etc.

It's a massive business and Google only lets us choose 1 category so we only tend to rank in the snack pack for that area.

We rank across all organic searches, but when it comes to GMB (snack pack results), we only rank in the category of our GMB.

What are our options? We are restricted to how far our reach can be, due to the size of the company?
Select the most relevant categories in GMB, and then make sure your website is optimized well for all the other services. Also be sure to select the categories you are wanting on other business directories where applicable.

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