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Jul 3, 2012
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Since Google has allowed ?business listings created via the (old) Places Dashboard to merge with and take on attributes of a G+ Page for local, it has been standard procedure in certain problem cases to delete the G+ Page and return the listing to a non-social listing. I had done so on numerous occasions with […] Related posts:
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  3. Google Now Auto-Merging Google+ Pages Into Google Places Dashboard Listings

Read More at Mike Blumenthal's Blog...

What do you guys think???

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I replied at Mike's about a thread here that shows the messaging can even get worse.

Go read Mike's post 1st. Then here is my reply and the other thread here.

Mike, on the flip side it’s even worse.

Trying to delete an unverified listing from the Places dash? It gives you super scary messaging like above but worse, because I think the system “assumes” the Places listing is attached to a G+ listing even when in the cases below they were not and had not upgraded to +.

Again this is an UNCLAIMED listing in dash that someone just wants to remove.
The message says scary weird stuff like:

“Deleting Place page… will also delete the Google account that’s associated with it”???

“You will still responsible for financial transactions” What???

“I understand that under certain circumstances my earnings won’t be paid out” What??? What earnings?

The 2nd box says “yes I want to delete my account” NOT listing, but account! Meaning the entire account will be deleted if you delete an unclaimed Place page?

See screenshots below in post 17, 19 and 21 from 2 users including Colan who verified it.

I reported to Google.
Yeah, it's pretty scary stuff. In my experience, if it threatens to delete the will!
And oh the headaches...
Mike just did a new related post on a slightly different topic.

But he quoted something important from a Googler that relates here, so wanted to post it.

New Google Places For Business Listings Can Now Be Transferred to a New Owner via G+ Page Management

I learned the hard way this past week that a business listing in the new Google Places for Business Dashboard that has been upgraded to social functionality, is intimately tied to that social presence. Delete the social page and you delete the business listing forcing you to reclaim the listing. The upshot of this is once you go social you can?t go back. At least not without some aggravation.

Dan Pritchett, who plays a significant role in the dashboard development at Google, said this:
"To be clear, with the new dashboard the G+ page and the listing are tightly associated. Every G+ Local page is backed by a listing and once you get a G+ Local page, your places listing is tied to it. Removing one always removes the other."

INTERESTING to me that a Googler is calling a G+ Business page a G+ Local page. Google+ Local is the PUBLIC or consumer-facing name THEY gave the page that used to be called a Place page. (Not merged with G+ or anything.)

And we wonder why everyone is confused!!!

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