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Apr 12, 2021
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Good night.

First of all. Thank all the administrators for making this forum a great help for those of us who are dedicated to local SEO. These days I have been very active, clearing up many doubts and I have been able to solve them thanks to everyone. Sorry for the language, but I'm not a native speaker.

Together with my cousin, we run a pest control business in a large city in the US. We decided to create a separate service area GMB and a website for the pigeon control service and everything that entails along with balcony cleaning. We have been working on this project for 4 months now. The GMB ranks 7th for the keyword "Pigeon control city". We have received few calls.

For my part, I am making publications on the services offered page and linking to the URL of the service and placing a call to action.
On the website side. Adding content to the blog, a section of photos of work done. The site has the tab linked on the home page.

I know that positioning depends on a lot of work and in some cases investment, but that other actions are recommended to implement or carry out on the site and in the GMB to help climb positions and make it relevant.

Thanks for your help.
Is the pigeon control service website a brand-new website? If so, it may take a while for it to gain the authority to rank above the competition for your desired keywords. Take a look at your backlink profile, often this is an area new websites can work on improving, which should help move the needle in terms of rankings.

But I wonder if you NEED a whole separate website for this. If you have a pest control website that ranks well in your area and gets decent traffic, why not just create pages on that site for "pigeon control services"? I know that many pest control companies also do wildlife removal, so it would make sense to talk about pigeon control services on your pest control site.

Maintaining 1 website vs 2 is way easier. If you were to move all the pigeon control service content to the pest control website, create new pages for pigeon control services, and redirect the pigeon control pages I think you would have an easier time ranking for pigeon control keywords.

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