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Aug 10, 2017
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I have a client which is a Mobile Vet (visits clients at their homes) and currently has 3 location but plans to grow fast by hiring new specialists in different cities and covering the whole UK. Should I create a listing for his main location and add the new cities as additional locations in GMB? And in that case maybe use the main domain in his GMB pages or create different Local landing pages for each city? All addresses should be hidden because they visit their clients at their addresses only. I am curious to see how you would handle this one.
Hi Ian,

In 99% of cases, an SAB can only have one listing total. The only exception we have seen to this is when a service area business franchise exists. There are some cleaning companies and locksmith companies, for example, that are set up as franchises. Therefore, there might be multiple listings for the brand that you see but each location/listing has a different owner and would have a different business license.

Is that the case in this scenario? Is each Vet it's own franchise? Or are the vets people who are employed by the company and just live and operate in various areas?

By the sounds of your case you will only want one listing for the actual business address and set a service area.
Hi Colan,

Thank you for the explanation. The vets in the different cities will be contractors which will use the company brand. What I think of doing is to create additional locations in the account for the main GMB listing and hide the addresses as they are SAB. And also to list the main domain in all of them.
What do you mean by "create additional locations in the account for the main GMB listing and hide the addresses as they are SAB"?

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