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Sep 5, 2012
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Hi Guys,

I have a large client with a new site redesign.The new site redesign is live and indexed on a subdomain (i.e. during the roll out of the different phases eventually switching the new site back over to the www domain once all the phases are complete.

What do I do with all current and new citations NAPw data online?. Do I change the website address on the citations to https://www2. or wait until l site is back over to the www domain?

Could be a few month until the switch back to www.

Obviously the redirects are and will be place.

I would love to hear your thought/opinions/advice on this
Re: NAPw, website site address issues

Assign no-index on the subdomain (by robots.txt) until the new site is fully completed.

It's easy to get new content indexed but very hard to remove all traces of a page/site.
I completely agree with IT Sage. There's no reason at all to go in and change citations until you're 100% ready for your new site to go live, and you should put it up on your real domain, not a subdomain. Doing ANYTHING with citations when you know you're going to turn around and change it in 2 months is a waste of time, especially since certain kinds of changes can take months to propagate downstream.

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