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Jun 26, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I've been seeing more testing of small enhanced SERP features on local mobile results in the hotel space and was wondering if anyone had any experience or reading materials they could share with me on how to optimize for these types of features. Some examples below (all of these are from the query "hotels in phoenix" in an incognito browser on my desktop that is emulating an iPhone X.

1.) FAQ results - These strange these about these results is that the page indeed has FAQ schema present, but the text in Google is using in the answers does not match the schema on the page. Searching Google using "intext" operators can't find the answer anywhere on the web.


2.) Sitelink carousels - This looks like Google is picking up <li>'s on their own. Not much rhyme or reason but with well organized lists on page Google may choose to display them? In the hotel space they typically seem to be sub searches, or filtered searches of the original query.


3.) Single image and image carousels - The carousel on the right looks to be picked up from the thumbnail images at the bottom of the page that lists out their nearby hotels. Similar to the other carousel, it looks like using well organized lists helps here.

1568389468076.png 1568389470977.png

If anyone has any experience on how to achieve similar results I would love to hear it!

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