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Oct 7, 2015
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I am changing my business address to my home address instead of a virtual office to avoid any issues down the line.

I read elsewhere that the correct/best process was to update all your other citations and addresses listed everywhere else then updated GMB last. Is this in line with what others have found?
Hey Mich,

Here's what I recommend:

1) Update the address on your website. Do this so it updates properly at Google when you make the change.
2) Update at Google.
3) Update at the primary data aggregators.
4) Update around the rest of the web.

For a prioritized list of sites, starting with the data aggregators, see:

Hope this helps.

Thanks Darren. I already have a Whitespark account too ;) So I'll be using your service to help with this change :)
Hey Mich,

What Darren said. You may also want to update the state Secretary of State filing for your business, and/or other "official" documents. Some data-aggregators and other sources seem to care about that info.

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