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Feb 29, 2020
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Hey LocalU folks,

One of our clients, a foundation repair contractor in Florida, recently expanded their service area territory from Central Florida down to South Florida. Part of this expansion of service area, we tried to add some content of their new territory (city pages) to their website and Google has not crawled a few of the new pages.

We've tried what feels like everything, still with no solution. It's been two months and the cities are still not indexed.

Sitemaps are submitted.
We've run the inspect URL feature in GSC on the affected cities.
We've tried internal linking from the parent level pages down to the location page.
The pages are followed, No blocked by robots.
The content is solid.

Does anybody have a solution or suggestion?

URLs not being indexed or crawled:
Miami, FL Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling (more important)
Service Area (less important)

Client URL:
Do these pages have any external links from other sites? That would be my next step, get high quality external links to these pages.

You can also try adding them to the main navigation and the footer, if they are not already in there (I checked the site and don't see them upon quick glance).

You also don't link to any of your service area pages in the "OUR SERVICE AREA" scrolling box on your homepage, try linking to them there. You can also link to them elsewhere on your homepage, that is likely your strongest performing page and the most likely way for Google to discover these pages.

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