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May 3, 2015
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We are a company that provides various services, so on google maps I can not list them all.

On my site I can make a page for each service, but should I put the name of my city in the contents of the site or is it enough to leave the NAP in the footer?

What do you think would help me more ranking locally ?

Because If I put my city name on it, then I will loose also some other customers from other city I think no ?

For google and organic ranking whats the best way ?
bump for help thanks!

I've to prepare content but I would like it in the right way :p
Hi pollini,

Sorry about the late reply, but the answer really would really vary by situation, so we need more details in order to help.

"Multi location" are we talking 2 offices in 2 different cities? (or 3 or 4?)
How far apart?

If more than 1 listing/location then how do you have nap formatted?

Or just one physical location and 1 GMB listing - but wanting to rank in multiple cities?
Are you located in the main/larger city you want to rank in, but there are smaller surrounding cities you want to rank for too?

Ideally having a link to your site and your maps listings is needed as well, if you can provide. You can use a link if you don't want URLs to show up in the serps.
Hi Lisa

thanks for reply

Im still developing my site.

we have a single office in a city of 200,000 people, the province that is composed of very small centers has 1 million people .

First of all I would like to be first in my city and it is usually easy if every article I refer to my city.
But doing so, those from another city will never find me.

So what would be better to do according to you?
Well for local, you can likely only rank in the city you are located in. So I would add your city to those service pages.

To rank in other cities in organic you might need city/service pages (depending on competition). But they can't just be exact copies of your main service pages.

Here are some great ideas for localized content on service pages to help rank in other cities.
city landing pages - Google Search
last question, a lot time passed since I checked last time, would be ideal to put "servicename with city name" in title/h1 ?

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