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Jul 18, 2014
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I noticed for a search term, the local pack is showing up a desktop, but for the same search on a mobile phone, there is no local seo results at all? anyone know why this might be? thanks
Weird. Like Linda, I'd be interested in knowing the query and more about the situation (e.g. OS, whether you're signed in, etc.).

I'm sure you would have mentioned if you weren't searching from the same city on both devices, but that comes to mind as a possible factor.
Yes, good questions Phil. Curious minds want to know... :)
I've seen differing results for mobile vs desktop for awhile. And by awhile I mean I've looked 2-3 times over the past...2-3 years :)

I just thought it was a given the results were different.

I take it you two have seen the opposite, Phil and Linda?

I just never did a deep dig because I accepted it as truth. I probably should have looked a little harder.

Curious about your individual experiences.

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