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Sep 12, 2012
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I have a friend of mine who is a real estate agent and his site is in need of an SEO analysis. They have been doing link building and content marketing for quite some time now and can't understand why they're not breaking into the rankings the way they wanted. I looked into it as much as I could, offered my own advice but also told him that I'm not a seasoned SEO analyst either. I help people improve their ranking, not deduce why they're not ranking.

He has instructed me to find an SEO analyst/consultant to help him understand why he isn't ranking well and then to offer them a different plan of action for success. If you know anyone that you think would fit the bill and could help him out, post their information here and a good means to contact them or PM them to me.

Three things:

1) I will be overseeing the project so the analyst will be talking with someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to SEO.

2) We're talking strictly organic rankings here. Not G+L.

3) They need to be well versed in Google penalties and how to get out of them. They got hit hard during Penguin (apparently) and might still be suffering a setback due to this.

Greetings !!!

I have gone through the description and understand the same.

Kindly provide website URL and keyword list so that i can suggest better.

My contact details are and sag.vipin (skype)

Vipin Kumar
Sr. Business Analyst
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