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Jul 19, 2012
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I'm looking for some feedback. I have a client who offers service all I want to do is list them in a bulleted list on their services page

? AC Repair
? Heating
? Air Filters
? Air Duct Cleaning
? Etc Etc

They have about 10 services, someone told me it would be spammy to do that, I don't think that is the case, I'm not throwing cities in front of it.

Your thoughts.

Hi Dean,

Not sure where they are coming from but I don't think that's spammy. That seems like fairly standard content you might have on a brochure or magazine ad. It's a common list of services that you would maybe put on site FOR CUSTOMERS even if Google did not exist. So therefore I think would be fine.

I'm with Linda. That's not spammy.

Two caveats:

1. The rest of the site can't be stuffed with keywords - but it shouldn't be anyway.

2. Stick to just the services. In other words, don't do "Tampa FL AC Repair," "Tampa FL Heating," etc.

If the whole page reads naturally to a human, you're on terra firma. It must pass the sniffer test.
From a user perspective it is better, if I am looking for a plumber I want to know what he can do without reading 4 pages of gumph.

Keep it easy to read and I think it will be fine, maybe even make it a 2 or 3 column list (li).

If it is part of the content it should be ok, if you start hiding it in the footer that is when it looks dodgy.
As you know, many website visitors only scan your content. You can make it really easy to scan important information by using bullets. You can also use numbered lists.
I have noticed that Google+ did maintain the formatting for things like bullet lists when they first rolled out the new pages, but now it seems to cram everything into one big paragraph now matter what.

Anyone else notice this?

Any suggestions on how to get the Google+ listing to hold the formatting?

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