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Jul 30, 2012
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I have law firm we're optimizing for but within their office they rent space to another law firm (only 1 lawyer) so they technically have the exact same address.

Will there be any issues between the two? Will either feel a negative effect from each other? If so, what are the best remedies? Do we tweak one of the addresses to be Suite 100-A and the other to be Suite 100?

So separate phone numbers, different names, but same address?
I worked with a client that had a similar problem, she shared the office with approximately 15 different lawyers, each running their own business, kind of like a collaboration space but it was specifically for lawyers. there was a central receptionist desk that handled all the calls, but the individual lawyers each had their own direct numbers.

We used her desk number, business name and the same address the other lawyers used. Never had an issue.
Ya the problem is with merging. Google often merges listings in cases like this. But it does not always happen - it's luck of the draw. So just need to realize it COULD cause a problem.

But having diff phone and suites makes it LESS likely it will happen.

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