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Jun 1, 2016
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Hi I'm based in a town(B) next to a small city(A) in the UK, the disatance between the two is about 2-3 miles

The city would generate more leads BUT I'm not phyiscally based there, the twon generates a trickle of searches (5 or 6 a month)

I want to rank in the 3 packs ofboth The Town(B) & City(A) is this actually possible?

Re: two town problem

Hi Carl, it's not impossible. But depending on the details, it could be unlikely. GMB pages can rank in a bordering city if it's a smaller city or town, and the competition is low.

What can you do to try and influence ranking there? I would focus on a strategy that involves earning backlinks from niche sources that are relevant to that city. And I would see if there are any PR opportunities in that city.
Re: two town problem

Thanks Colan I am on the pack for both towns but not in the top 3 results

Re: two town problem

I put some some suggestions in this article:

My advice would be to focus on gaining organic ranking for the keywords that include city names and gaining local ranking for the keywords that do not. Overall, if you are paying attention to all ranking factors and not just focusing on one thing, your business should see some fantastic results.

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