Apr 25, 2013
Hi, I'm very new to this SEO forum and I have learned a lot so far.

One term I see frequently is "local hooks". I don't see this anywhere else on any other SEO forums or blogs. (and I follow several that are very highly regarded).

Could someone please elaborate on what local hooks are? Are these the same thing as links???


Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
Hi Dave,

"Local Hooks" are a Linda'ism. ;) That's why you don't see it elsewhere. I made it up and lots of consultants that take my training use the term, so it's kinda spreading here in this community.

Another term could be "location signals" that Google picks up on. They aren't links per say but just different ways to use and/or markup location data to build up location trust. I use 7 different types of "Local Hooks" in my Local SEO formula/automated template.

A few examples are schema markup or hCard markup for NAP data, city + keyword in image alt, KML files, etc.


Aug 4, 2012
Yeah, essentially the "local hooks" are indeed a Linda-ism and they have caught on with others on the forum. I too was curious about them and eventually discovered what they were through the "on-page training". I must admit there were a few in their that I hadn't come accross before that have really helped. :D

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