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Jul 7, 2017
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Hi everyone

Can someone clarify with me the relationship between Yext and GMB? I understand they have the API and can do updates. However, what about all of the other manual work that is involved:

  • Google Updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Merging duplicates
  • Working with GMB support on ANYTHING

Is Yext going to do any of that or is this solely for updating your GMB?

THanks in advance!
The API simply opens the a 2 way data communication link between the 2 platforms.

Yext does not do any hands-on things an agency/consultant would as far as ranking, troubleshooting and deciding what info should go on your GMB listing. Yext is mainly a platform for citation building and monitoring. But now via the API you can also correct your GMB data if needed, through the Yext portal. Additionally you can see new GMB reviews and other info via Yext.

Here's a post that explains: September 2016 Google My Business API Update: Everything You Need To Know - Yext
Apparently Yext doesn't do anything for GMB besides update your info. Merging of duplicates, troubleshooting, etc. are not included allegedly. Linda is correct.
Yeah, I don't think it does much.

I've always bristled at the claim that Yext makes about Google, as it is easy to get the impression that Yext will claim your GMB for you, it won't.

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