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Jun 28, 2012
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Good one from Chris Silver Smith over at Search Engine Land

10 Local Marketing Myths Hamstringing Your Business

It?s not just the ever-increasing amount of information that can overwhelm businesses ? it?s also the fact that the search engines are now making changes to their algorithms every single day...

...Perhaps it?s due to the fact that it takes ongoing attention and experience to keep up with the changes over time, or maybe it?s because many people are conditioned into attempting to perform search marketing DIY style by Googling for answers, and they can?t tell that the web page they?ve found is woefully out of date.

Whatever the case, the result is there are a number of myths about online local marketing out there, and if you?re not careful, buying into one of these can hamstring your business.

So, here is a list of 10 local marketing myths that you should become familiar with (and banish from your own thinking).

Head over to read the rest. It's just not just about myths that you already know. As always with posts from Chris, there are some deeper insights with lots of links to other good resources.
I so needed that reassurance in #10

You know after talking to so many people and working on so many different scenarios I can see why people tend to think that there's some truth to these myths.

I ran across some clients that have 8 domains each one for a different keyword and when you compare the sites they are all the same content. It's crazy how much of this is still going on.

Recently I found that one unique case where it's actually working, stood back in disbelief and thought, how? then imagine how great it could be for them if they hadn't gone that route. It's a great game we all play!

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