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Jun 28, 2012
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When you get a new local search prospect, what do you need to do right before the initial consult?

You need to size up their situation to have knowledge for that 1st call right? But as importantly need to discover pain points and problems so you know how much work it's going to be.

If you find 3 fake listings with KW stuffed names and 2 at Regus, 8 dupes plus a scrambled up citation mess - you might even want to pass - at least I would...

BUT you can't take time to do a full audit because they are not even a client yet.
So what do you need??? Tools and ideas to do a QUICK mini audit

Here is a good post by Matt Antonino on just that topic. He includes numerous quick SEO bookmarklets that might come in handy and a 10 step process with lots of resources included.

<a href="">Lightning Fast SEO Checkups | Quick SEO Audit</a>

Disclaimer: This lightning fast SEO checking template will *not* solve every SEO problem you may have. It wasn?t designed that way. It?s designed to solve many common SEO issues in the fastest way possible. It is not a full SEO audit.

Whether you own your own small business website or you?re a full time SEO specialist at an agency, you will eventually run into an SEO problem that you need to solve. The faster you can find the root cause, the faster you can solve the problem and get ranking. After doing reviews on hundreds of client sites and answering these questions for other SEOs, I have devised a very quick & simple system to check the most common issues. Let?s get set up and get into reviewing!

Above is just a snippet, so head over to read the rest.

Of course for local, you also need to review their G+ L page for violations, search for dupes, closed listings and do a preliminary citation check as well.

What do you think? Learn any new tricks?

Bookmarlets helpful or did you know all of those already?

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