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Jun 28, 2012
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Since organic is such a big part of Local search now and there are so many elements to SEO that I bet it's pretty hard if you have to train a new employee from scratch.

If you have a new hire, or someone moving up the ranks from citation builder to SEO, this might help you with regular SEO training. Or may you are reading this and you are totally new to the industry and looking for a way to learn to start learning the ropes. Organic SEO is a good place to start!

The post below is not focused on Local SEO training at all, but I know a course that covers that piece of the puzzle: <a href="">Expanded Local Onsite SEO Video Training Course</a> :p

<a href="">2015 Guide to Free SEO Training Courses Online | SEW</a>

Here’s the good news. The vast majority of SEO skills are non-technical or semi-technical in nature. They are teachable in a relatively short period of time. The better news is that large supplies of freshly minted, liberal arts grads are now looking for work. Among them are many smart, hard-working, candidates that could be a great addition to your team.

Of course, there is an expense involved in training, but here’s the best news of all - the training materials that you need are FREE and readily available on the web.

Following is a suggested syllabus for developing an organic search specialist. This could be useful to agencies looking to train employees, recent grads looking for an edge in landing a digital marketing job, and novice SEOs still learning the discipline.

Good stuff! Know any other good free SEO training resources?
Well... this is embarrassing. I didn't realize Google actually had a easily printable doc on Search Engine Optimization best practices. I thought all they had was just their help docs online. I'll definitely direct teams to use that instead of my internal docs to start from now on since... you know it actually comes from Google (whether that establishes more or less credibility... idk yet).
Eric - the "leaked" quality guidelines are another document that's good to direct team members to. PM me if you can't find the link to the doc somewhere. I downloaded it JIC it really was leaked and G tried to clean it up.
Linda - you're a god send !! Just posted how the google labyrinth is becoming an untamable creature .. Thank you !

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