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Dec 12, 2013
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I heard a nugget recently, and I am trying to find a source for this info.

What I heard was:

When searching for a business, 6 out of 10 consumers find the information never make it to the actual SMB website, they find the info somewhere else.

I think this is a great reason to work on your business listings. Did anyone else hear this or remember where this was from?
I don't know where this info is from, but I don't doubt it's somewhat accurate. If you sort out referral traffic in GA you'll see a small percentage is coming from local listings, yet the business is still getting a ton of phone calls. I think this is a big reason why Google started to use call tracking numbers on Google My Business pages - people don't go to the website since they have all the contact info right on the local listing.

Make sure your local listings are up to snuff so you don't lose out on converting customers :)
That statistic sounds accurate. Many of the calls could come from the following sources:
  • 7-pack listings (branded and non-branded kw's)
  • Knowledge Box (either from branded search or from the 7-pack after moving cursor over a specific listing)
  • Google+ Page
  • Google Maps search

All of these can be accomplished by either click to calls on mobile, or simply a person looking it up on tablet/desktop, then typing the phone number into their cell.
I buy it, especially since Google is the largest source of consumer eyeballs. AND they do such a good job of surfacing all the info right on Google which often bypasses the click to site AND in some views on Google the site is not even visible or clickable. :(
Yeah, I can see that 60% number, too. Especially if you're in a market where your main search terms trigger the new "hamburger" 3-pack (i.e. the look that seems to have replaced the local carousel). It's damn tough to get to the site from those results - although now it's also hard even to find the phone.

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