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Great points all Joy! Thanks for sharing here and at the Pro Community.
Great write-up Joy! Very cool to see you writing about Citations specifically.
Great post and delineation, Joy! I get 2-3 of these questions every time we get a new client. The suite number trips so many people up and #2 is almost always brought up by our clients in legal. I am adding this to the "client questions" log I have. Thanks for sharing!

I enjoyed this and happened to see it on Moz when it came out.

I have a question regarding the Suite #s.
Myth #1: If your citations don?t include your suite number, you should stop everything you're doing and fix this ASAP.

I have a listing that has the same address for separate businesses in the same building. There is a front entrance to the main store and a side entrance for the outlet store.

They have different hours but not individual websites.

The business never had a suite or anything like that to delineate one from the other.

Of course, I was getting the outlet store deleted several times as a duplicate.

I then added one as a suite a and the other as suite b. I also sent pictures of the entrance of each and finally got them with individual listings on Google My Business again after working with support and told this would be a long-term solution.

A month later one was again dropped as a duplicate.

So if suites don't do the trick what does? Thank you.

Are they getting marked as a duplicate by a maps user or is Google automatically doing it? I would say that this would be likely to happen if they share categories. Also, if they do share the same website, do you have very specific location pages for both that you link each GMB listing to? The pages should list their different hours and phone numbers.

If you want to provide the name, address, phone # and website of the business, I might be able to offer more advice.

Adding a suite number probably won't help long term at all due to what I mentioned in the article about GMB ignoring them the majority of the time.

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