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Oct 28, 2016
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Hello, does anyone know where I can acquire a static document that shows all of the "Payers and Networks" in the "Accepted Health Insurance" field? In GMB this is a drop down listing hundreds of providers, I need our corporate pharmacy team to review and identify which payers and networks apply to our Pharmacies so I can then update the "Accepted Health Insurance" data in our Pharmacy's Google Business Profiles accordingly and with the most accuracy. Any ideas how I can obtain a simple document listing all of the possible choices? Thank you.

Unfortunately, I don't think a list like this exists. If you add all the insurance providers accepted to your Pharmacy's website, as well as make sure all online listings that have insurance info on them are correct, you may be able to get Google to pull from there for the info. Otherwise, you will have to have the pharmacy team go into the dashboard and look through the list there.
This GBP insurance carriers are a mess. They don't include a large amount of carries that a provider takes. Aetna for example has like 500 different plans, and depending on the plan different providers do and do not take it. If a plan the provoder takes isn't listed on GBP options, potential patients may not contacr the business because it is not listed etc.. The list is not accurate enough to be used. Caused more confusing then benefit in my experience.

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