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Jul 7, 2017
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We have a client that is insisting they want to add their legal name to their current verified GBP name. So it would be something like this

ABCD Inc(legal name), DBA Smith Cleaning(current GBP name)

THis is not allowed is it? I am almost positive it will knock it out of verification by adding that "ABCD Inc" to the beginning of the name
So this is not what Google wants at all. Google wants you to use the name your business goes by in the real world; i.e. the name that is on your website, your signage, your customers refer to you as etc. See here: Edit your Business Profile on Google - Google Business Profile Help

That said, Google likely will not "knock it out of verification" or suspend you if you were to have the legal name and the DBA. Google may change the name BACK to whatever it is now or whatever Google "thinks" the name should be based on the website/other sources online, but they are very unlikely to take action in the form of re-verification or suspension due to the name.
From my understanding, Google doesn’t really do much about name changing. There are business profiles who have been adding long lines of spammy keywords to their business name for years. Every time I suggest an edit it immediately gets changed back, but then they will change it to add the spammy keywords within a couple days. This continues happening over and over. It seems the likelihood of having to re-verify after adding a legal business name is low.
For a long time, I filed requests to modify a business that was using both their legal name and a DBA in the business name. Since they were doing both, they got LOTS of extra keywords in their title.

Long story short - after 6 months, they still had their DBA in the title. Nothing would get rid of it :(

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