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Jun 28, 2012
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I just got a small update from Jade at Google about a little change to the process of adding a new listing in the new Places dashboard.

It looks slightly different now and I think is a big improvement.

Here's the Help Center article about adding a location that has been very slightly edited:
Add and verify a new business location (NOTE: Need to be logged into a Places account to read the doc.)

Basically, now when you add a listing via the new Places dashboard, you do a search for your business first, before entering various information. See screenshot below.


This is a great little tweak.

One benefit I can think of right off the bat is that when claiming a listing into the places account, you don't have to add ALL of the details only to find out that the listing is claimed in another account.

Now you can simply search for the business phone number, it brings up result(s), you click on one and it will tell you right away if it is free to claim.
New way to search for existing listings?

Hey, I don't recall seeing this before on here, and it's come up in two different accounts for me, so I thought I'd share.

So normally when you log into an empty places account, it brings up the form you fill out, but I've recently been getting a map search instead:

New Thing.JPG

When you start typing, it brings up possible matches, and when you choose one, it then gives you several more possible matches.

Looking at it so far, it seems like it's a great way to avoid creating a duplicate listing (and you can search by phone, too)

Has anyone else seen this?

New Thing.JPG
Thanks for sharing Matthew.

I had just posted an update about it from Jade 1/2 hour ago, so merged your post into it so we would not have a split conversation. But yes, good point. Could be a good way to check for dupes, however be careful that does not somehow make you claim them by accident.

Appreciate you sharing tho because could have been something new we didn't know about.
Thanks for sharing Michael.

We already had 2 posts about it, so merged your post into main thread, so we would not have a split conversations.

Thanks again!

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