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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi have a client who wants to change the primary listing for his listing (no chance in changing his mind).

The listing had a static business logo as the primary image display on the search results (which was added via our Google places dashboard)



We then started to upload public images. It replaced the main primary business logo with:


However the client want to keep the original photo as the primary image.

How do we get Google to choose the logo as the primary image for the listing, and remove the public image as the primary image.

Surely there is a way to do it and reverse it?

Is there a way to manipulate the positioning of public uploaded images (e.g. prevent them from being the primary image, or change the ordering)?



When I go to the Google page for the dealership, there is no logo in the pictures gallery. The first image is the one that it shows next to the map. Maybe that's why?
Sorry that is a example, not the actual listing.

Sorry should had been clear!
Ah - that was just an example.

Makes it trickier to diagnose/help if we can't see the real thing.

The one rule I operate under about images, is that the very first image loaded into the pictures area is the one that shows in the knowledge graph area (I think that's what the thing on the right hand side is called?!). That "first picture" can be one loaded by the page owner *or* by someone else. If it's someone else, you're stuck. Could that be what's happened?
Margaret your sig is having a problem. I've seen that show up in posts but never in a sig, so I'm not sure exactly what code you are using for the sig link. I'll see if I can fix it for you later tonight.
The primary profile image can be designated within the Google Places for Business dashboard. Does that not solve the problem in this situation?

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