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Nov 3, 2020
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I'm currently dealing with a situation where a client of mine found a duplicate listing of their business on Uber. This caused a patient to be taken to the wrong address.

I've checked other listing and data aggregator sites, but I can't find any duplicate or incorrect listings there. I'm still looking into this issue and have some ideas for fixing it. However, I also want to reach out to Uber for assistance.

Has anyone had experience working with Uber support for a similar issue? I'm having trouble finding a way to submit a ticket without completing a trip in the app.
I would definitely reach out to Uber for assistance. According to this, "Uber uses map data from a variety of third-party map provider" so the duplicate business info could be coming from a few different sources.

This reddit thread says Uber sometimes uses Tom Tom or Here so maybe check those, along with Google maps, Waze and any other map app you can think of. This Quora thread says it mostly uses Google and Waze.
Thanks everyone! I was able to get in contact with Uber support and they claim the problem has been fixed and will be reflected in the app soon.

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