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Oct 14, 2012
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Hi All,

I have a new listing we've just claimed and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to possibly speed up a Pending: Being Reviewed message on a brand new listing that was just verified.


Speed up Google? Anyone know a good magician??? :p

No I don't think there's a way. But you know it's normally just the message in dash that's lagging right? Does not hurt anything. Usually if you search maps the listing is live and just fine if it's been a week or so. The pending message just hangs around for awhile for some reason lately but normally does not mean anything.
Agree with Linda. There's no way to speed a pending review status up.

Seems to take 4 to 5 weeks before new listings are switched from pending to active in the dash.

It's unfortunate because you don't have the analytics while pending review, but as Linda mentioned, the listing should go live in the meantime as long as there are no violations.

Hang in there!
Kristen - what i would like to know is if for those listings stuck at 'pending' and you ARE able to find those listings on a Maps search - does that information on the Maps result match what you have on the backend dashboard?

Some of my listings at 'pending' do have matching info on Places, but most do not. Unfortunately I am all too aware of the discrepencies between the dashboard and the front end listings...
Thanks Linda and Colan, the listing is now already ranking for our top keywords.

Nicholas- In my case, it does look like the live listing exactly matches what is in the dashboard (for now at least) Hopefully it stays that way!


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