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Mar 22, 2021
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We are seeing a significant uptick in backlinks coming into one of our client's websites from domains as of July. The content on the third party sites looks pretty spammy and likely auto-generated. However, most of the links are actually to images on our website.

Here are a five examples of the blogspot sites (note we've seen Blogspot shutdown a couple of them already, so hopefully they will clean up this spam):

Is anyone else is seeing large backlink upticks from * subdomains? We are trying to determine if this is legit someone (or some"thing" automated) using our images for their own purposes and citing us (thus creating the backlinks) or potentially a negative SEO attack (due to the sheer volume).

I'm curious to see if anyone else is seeing a similar increase in these blogspot links the last month or so.
I have not seen an uptick, but commonly see such links reported by SEMRush and other tools. These are usually garbage.

Google is very good at ignoring these, so I would not worry. They also just rolled out another update around spam links which would help further ensure these are discounted.

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