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Jul 18, 2012
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All but one of my clients have been upgraded to the new Places dashboard.

I'm curious to know why the last client is still stuck w/ the old Places dashboard?

I'm a bit hesitant to create a G+ page in fear that they could lose their reviews.
Hi Chris,

One of the big reasons I think listings get stuck in old dash, is if the listing has a hidden merged dupe. But I'm sure there may are other reasons as well.

My listing is still stuck in the old dash. No hidden dupes but I did a manual merge right after they announced it and BEFORE they let us know hidden address listings should not merge. So I don't know if that's the reason. I have not pushed it because I don't really use the listing and I have my test account if I want to check something in the new dash.
Do you recommend that I create a Google+ page? Would that expedite the process?

They're non existent in the local results... only organic.
Def would not at this point. Google has been saying for a long time don't create a separate G+ page and merge it.

But if they aren't ranking in the pack and should and you are sure there are no other problems then there is a good chance there is a hidden merged dupe. Have you looked for all the symptoms to see if that's a possibility?
I have multiple accounts in the old dash still. Some are multi location businesses, some aren't.
Thanks Ty.

Yes, Chris I think there is a small percentage that are not upgraded yet. Multi-location and probably ones with Dr dupes are likely among the remaining that Google is having a hard time figuring out how to upgrade.

So it might seem like you have one that's stuck but I think that's just how your listings shook out. My best guess is that 10 - 15% are still not upgraded but I have a feeling we are getting pretty close to everything converting soon.

But Chris, just so you know, getting to the new dash or getting upgraded to G+ won't help the ranking issue. There is something else keeping that listing out of the pack I suspect.
Every single one of my accounts is still in the old dashboard. Most are multi-location businesses but a few are single locations.

Everyday I log in wondering if today is the day. It never is...
I should clarify- the client is in the 7 pack, but only for less competitive keywords.

Speaking of less competitive keywords, the client is in the 7 pack, but is the only local listing without a link to their G+ page (since they don't have one).

Yep Chris. I think I guessed right. Pretty sure they have a hidden merged dupe.

That could be holding back ranking on competitive terms AND holding back their upgrade.

Tell tale sign???

Old dash only give you 5 cats. They have 13.

So pretty sure there is another claimed listing somewhere which is a violation and can cause all kinds of probs in addition to ranking penalties and tying up their updates.
I should also note that this client has 3 listings:
  1. Practice Listing
  2. Individual Practitioner Listing (A)
  3. Individual Practitioner Listing (B)

The claimed listing is the Practice Listing.
Not necessarily.

One Dentist I worked with I tried everything to find what I suspected was a hidden dupe. Support could not even find it. And that method in that link showed one. But support could not find it.

Well then I referred the Dentist to Colan. And they contacted support and support found like 5.
5 after I fought for months!

So I'd call support.
I should call Google support and ask them if there are any hidden merged duplicates?
"hidden merged duplicates" That's a Linda'ism so they may not 'get' it.

I would say you are afraid this listing has been claimed in another dashboard and the client can't find it. If they ask you can tell them you suspect it due to having 13 categories instead of 5. If you've ever had data problems where NAP gets changed or if you have ever not been able to respond to reviews, that helps strengthen the case that it's probably claimed in another dash.

Ask them to check to see if it's claimed in any other accounts and unverify it.

Let me know what happens.
Update- I spoke w/ a Google CSR and she said that there's no issues w/ the listing. She said that the listing is in the process of updating to the new Places dashboard.

I guess we'll have to wait to when the update will happen.
I hope you have better luck than I do. I have been told 6 plus months ago that my listings were being updated and until they were complete they could not fix some errors on them. Been over 6 months and nothing has changed.
Reading this thread I have a question about merged duplicates. In my places dashboard I have a listing that is suspended. I suspended it years ago when I was showing up twice in places, one for a current address and once for an old address both with the same phone number. I suspended it to prevent a google penalty. Could this be causing issues? And how would I remove it?
I have a client that still has the old dashboard as well. No hidden dupes or anything. It's just "stuck" in the old dashboard. It's frustrating but what are you going to do?


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