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Feb 9, 2018
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I currently have a website for my local electrician service with good content, but it is on old GoDaddy servers and very slow.

I would like to move my content to a new website, something on a better host and also I would like the website to be faster to load and very mobile friendly.

I have some experience with website building, but mostly coding, not WordPress or other CMS's.

I am wondering if it is feasible for me to be able to put together a website like this: Electric City

That is just a random electrician's website, but I think it looks great. I would like one similar to that. Is this something that I can make by using a template/theme and plugging my content into it?
That site does not seem to be using any detectable theme.

You would have to rebuild the look on your own, or find a theme that looks similar.
I like the general layout of that site, I don't want to copy it completely.
To be honest, I find it garish and ugly.
Too many people are afraid of being impolite so they aren’t honest about how they really feel. As a brutally honest person, I definitely appreciate your response.

Would that website make you look for another contractor? Do you happen to know of a website that you would be more likely to call the contractor?
If I were asked, I would strongly recommend that they tone everything down. Landing on that page, everything just blares at you - huge images, huge fonts, glaring colors.

I probably would look for another contracter if only because it looks like a "hard sell" organization - a used car salesman or "gotta close this sale tonight because the prices go up tomorrow" - the only thing missing is annoying popups.

Look for something more professional looking and more subtle.

You can do a lot these days with a simple WordPress site, or Wix and similar do it yourself page builders.

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