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May 26, 2023
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I am an electrical contractor and I have had a website up for over a decade. The website consists of a few heading pages: homepage, about us, service area, services, pricing, contact. Then I have 10 pages focused on different services that my company performs, then an additional 22 landing pages each focused on one of the small towns that make up my service area.

I have switched gears with my company, I no longer perform all the various services that a typical residential electrical contractor would do. I only install residential electric vehicle chargers.

My concern is what to do with my website. If I remove all the content talking about all of the other electrical services (which is not only on dedicated service pages, but also spoken about on all of the town based landing pages) then I assume my website will tank. There’s only so much I could say about installing EV chargers.

The other thing is that many people looking to have an EV charger installed are probably going to Google “Electrician” since they know they need a licensed electrician to do it. I’m not sure how many people are searching for “EV charger Installer“.

So what do the pros think about this? Should I just keep all of that other electrical services up there so I rank high as an electrician? Or should I remove it all and just talk about EV charger installation?
I would ditch any service pages that talk about services you don't offer. You will lose traffic to those pages, but it's traffic you likely don't want anyway as users interested in those services aren't your target customers. Redirect these pages to the homepage and focus on your core keywords/services only.

If the homepage is already targeting general electrician keywords, I would keep that optimized as is, because you're right people will search "electrician" if they are looking for an EV install.

Then I would have a comprehensive service page dedicated to EV charger installs and all the various ways people could be searching for that term. I would use a tool like Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs: Discover Winning Keyword Ideas. At Scale. to find the different keyword variations you should add to the page cuz I am sure people search for this in a ton of different ways.

I would likely keep the service area (town) pages but optimize them to focus on just general electrician and EV install terms. Monitor these closely by tracking rankings IN each town to see if the town pages are ranking for your top keywords, or if the service area page is. You might find these town pages perform really well if you spend the time to add valuable content relative to the specific area on them. I wrote an article for SEL on this exact topic that might be of help to you Localized SERPs: Winning traffic and leads with service area pages

Then I would double down on blog content. I am sure there are TONS of questions people have on EV installs like cost, best batteries to buy, type of wattage they need to support an install etc. Blog content can serve as a great way to get interested users to your site and showcase your expertise on the topic. Since you are so niched you are at an advantage as you can focus all your efforts on 1 topic for the blog and become a wealth of info on the subject which will help the topical authority of your site in the long run.

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