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Nov 2, 2018
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Hey a friend of mine is trying to optimize her GMB profile and we can't find a category even remotely related to motivational speaker. Does anyone have any category suggestions or ideas? We've tried about 5 or 6 different variants but there's not a great way to find this info.
Hey Brett, is the page for an individual or for a business that offers motivational speaking as a service?

Any chance you can share the business details?
I don't think she'd mind. Her new website is She's an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who started a business built around her personal brand. Also offers corporate team building trainings/exercises.

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Hey @brettmandoes this doesn't really seem to fit into the "local" business model. I assume they travel all around the country?

Regarding categories, typically we will check to see what the competitors listings are using as a starting point.
@brettmandoes, as Colan said, your friend's business probably doesn't fall into the "local" bucket. Still, if I had to pick a GMB category, I'd go with "Consultant."
My understanding is that she's willing to travel but her expectation is that she will start out regional while she builds a speaker reputation. In that industry you tend to start smaller and more local then eventually build up to a national or international presence (much like many other small businesses/entrepreneurs do).

And yeah we did check the competitors' listings and they're set as consultant. It really seemed too broad to me for a category like this, but I can see why it may not hit the radar as a local business.

Thanks guys, really appreciate the input.

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