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May 19, 2016
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Hi there Can anyone give me examples of website of businesses which are built very well for multilocations. Doesn't have to be on the same scale as starbucks or pizza hut but something more around 4 or 5 storesThanks
This is a client of mine who is a handyman that has multi-locations and ranks very well for all of them.
Thank you so much for sharing Joy it looks like you've done a pretty good job there.
Based on what I have seen you are using the google map widget on the home page to display all the various NAP for all locations, is that correct?

I have checked the meta titles you use on the separate location pages and they all follow the same format The Handyman Company | phone number | location. Is that something you would recommend?

under the "our service" section there is a list of all the services provided. Thise services seem to act as a naigational menu where the links redirect to the location where the service is available for example . but if i go to the orlando location page there is no link to the orlando home remodelling page. Is there a reason why?

Love what you've done with the reviews dotted on the maps for each location. I am assuming this is a payable service.

Finally, is there any chance you could tell me how you operate with your client? are you charging him a monthly fee or simply using a pay as you go formula.

Apologies for all the questions but this is one of the best examples I have seen so far so I am trying to get as much info as I can.
For title tags, I generally use the keyword + city name but this guy has the added benefit in that his business name includes the main keyword. Not every business would be like that. I also don't always include the phone # in the title tag anymore. Depends on the client.

No reason for the remodeling thing. We might end up internally linking it more in the future.

The service we use for the reviews is NearbyNow.

All our SEO and White Label SEO clients pay us a monthly fee that is based on the # of hours we work on their account. We rarely do pay-as-you-go as it sounds like a nightmare for our billing department.

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