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Oct 9, 2019
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Hi all,

We have a few clients that are either changing business locations or have bought our other businesses, and that would need to have large quantities of citations changed.

I was wondering what platform (like Yext?) you'd recommend doing so since I know a lot of the citation sites are controlled solely by them. And/or if it is worth investing in to do so? I know the topic of the impact of citations has been debated on and off for a while now.

Hey, thanks @billenross! Really appreciate the kind words, and glad to hear you think we're awesome. Thank you to @Colan Nielsen for the mention too.

@sixthcitysarah you can find our Listings packages here, and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

One word of caution is that there isn't really an SEO benefit to going around and changing the name on ALL your listings. You would really only want to change the name on sites that get human visibility. Google knows how to deal with discrepancies these days and they're not going to hurt your SEO. So, our middle package "Premium" might be your best choice. Clean up on the sites that matter, plus some additional citation building on industry and top sites.

I recently published a video on citations you might find helpful.

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