Nikko M

Oct 19, 2013
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Hello everyone! Good day. We're currently managing a jeweler client who specializes in engagement and diamond rings who is located in Brisbane. I'd like to ask for your suggestions and ideas for the best practice on how to check which keywords will pull a 7-pack results from the SERPs.

Example is for the keyword "engagement rings" if we put the keyword on the search tab, it doesn't pull a 7pack local results but when we use "engagement rings brisbane" it does pull a 7pack.

For broad and popular keywords do we always have to put in a location to show intent that we need local results? Please enlighten me on these areas, thank you very much.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Hi Nikko,

There is really no automatic way to do it. Just have to set your location and try different keyword combos. Many keywords like Dentist or plumber will almost always pull a pack. But more niche keywords or ones that don't show clear intent may not.

It also varies by market and # of queries in that market.

As for "engagement rings" I could be searching for an online store or just to see pictures or whatever. So that one I would think would need a GEO modifier to pull a pack.

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